Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brand Profile: Spotted Horse

When you're reading this blog, there's like a 95% chance you're now wearing your favorite pair of Samurai, Flat Head, APC or some other brand. You are wearing them because you like the falling of the indigo, and the unique pattern that shows up with the years. However, there are also people who are either lazy, have a salaryman lifestyle or can't stick to a couple of jeans. For those, there is the company Spotted Horse from Osaka, Japan.

13 years ago the founder of SH liked wearing his jeans from a raw state, and noticed that all the stone washed jeans available then weren't to his liking. Sure, they were faded, but not in a way like you would've worn them yourself. He then invented the 'Magic Wash'. All the jeans are distressed by hand, creating one-of-a-kind washes. I gotta say I'm impressed with the washes, they look pretty authentic. Still, it's not the 3d effect you get from wearing jeans yourself.

Also, Spotted Horse offers a Make Over service. You can bring in your own unfaded jeans or denim jacket, and let them customize it for you.

New PBJ model announced: XX-011

Pure Blue Japan is releasing a new denim this fall, the XX-011 denim. It's going to be a straight fitted, left hand (!) twill, indigo warp and grey weft denim. It's most likely to drop late September. Looking forward to this one!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pure Blue Japan XX-007: 6 months

There's now half a year worth of wear in my beloved PBJ's. So far, I soaked the jeans in lukewarm water in my bathtub twice, and as you could see in my last post, ocean soaked them too. I'm very pleased with the construction of these, so far not a single thread has failed on me. The fabric is thinning out in certain area's though, like the belt loops and of course the right back pocket where I keep my wallet. I feel like I should give it a proper machine wash in a month, to get all the dirt and grime out properly, the previous soaks didn't quite do that. On to the pics:

I'll post some detail shots again next month.