Friday, March 27, 2009

Pure Blue Japan xx-007 at 3 months

Well, 95 days to be precise. The denim is so damn interesting and it fades faster than I thought it would, which makes them perfect jeans for those with a salaryman lifestyle. I also gave them a soak in lukewarm water when I hit the 3 month mark. On to the pics:

Note the leg twisting!

And the leaf I like so much, has already started to fall apart.

Lynn Downey's Spring Break

The guys from Denimnews are following Levi Strauss & Co's very own historian, Lynn Downey. She's following Levi's first footsteps in his journey to San Fransisco, where all the magic happened. I think it'll be a fun ride to watch for those interested in the history of denim.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Workshop by Sam

I found out that I have a follower on my blog. It turned out to be Sam, who has his own blog where you can order custom made work shirts. It looks as if he could use some attention though, so he'll make more of the following kind of things:

Looks great, doesn't it? Unfortunately, I'm but a poor student, so I haven't actually purchased anything from him... but am planning to do so in the future. His prices are pretty fair, US$180 for a shirt, including worldwide shipping. And hooray for me, he's even doing student discounts!

Go check out his stuff.
The Workshop by Sam

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Levi's Vintage Clothing - 1967 505

It's been a while since I posted, life has been busy. In the meantime, whilst working on the PBJ's (almost at 3 months), I decided to show some pics of another pair I used to work on. It's the 505 as it was released back in 1967. Made with denim from the Kaihara mills, constructed in the USA.

These have now seen 5 months of total wear. Unfortunately, they are on the big side (32W) so i decided to leave them in my closet, waiting for me to get fatter. Which might take a few more years.