Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pure Blue Japan XX-007: 6 months

There's now half a year worth of wear in my beloved PBJ's. So far, I soaked the jeans in lukewarm water in my bathtub twice, and as you could see in my last post, ocean soaked them too. I'm very pleased with the construction of these, so far not a single thread has failed on me. The fabric is thinning out in certain area's though, like the belt loops and of course the right back pocket where I keep my wallet. I feel like I should give it a proper machine wash in a month, to get all the dirt and grime out properly, the previous soaks didn't quite do that. On to the pics:

I'll post some detail shots again next month.


  1. Those jeans are BEAUTIFUL. I'm thinking of getting a pair of PBJ XX-011 would you mind emailing me at I'd like to discuss the initial soaking w/someone who's already done it.

  2. Denim brand is also good especially there skinny jeans.

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