Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brand Profile - Omnigod

When i traveled Japan, i ran into the Omnigod flagship store in Kyoto. Back then, i read about the brand once or twice, but never got a good look at the products. The store looked promising from the outside, with big roles of selvage denim greeting the customers.

Here you can see the (orange) selvage denim. Peep my dad's Red Wing 877 for size comparison.

It's Omnigod's mission to create simple, basic clothing for a comfortable everyday life. The brand is part of Domingo (based in Kojima), who also carry the brand Spellbound. The aesthetic resembles to brands like 45RPM and Pure Blue Japan. Relaxed clothing made from the finest cotton available, with great craftsmanship.

Unlike other Japanese brands, Omnigod knows how to create superb washes on their jeans, denim shirts & jackets. So if you're lazy, have a salaryman lifestyle or cannot deal with wearing unwashed denim, the Omnigod prewashes sure are something to look out for. Pricewise as well, as a pair goes for 11.000 - 22.000 yen, which is cheap compared to others.

When i left the store (empty-handed, i didn't buy anything because i had time left in Japan and didn't want to spend money until i handled some other brand as well - stupidly enough i didn't find Omnigod anymore afterwards) the friendly SA ran after us to give me and my dad a booklet about the brand. Unfortunately, i don't have a scanner but i did try to photograph a couple pages. This never really works out properly, but it gives you an idea of the fading capabilities. Too bad Photobucket re sizes the images... I'll find out another way to upload my high-res pics soon.

Check out their website for the latest goods and the 'Standard Lineup':

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