Sunday, March 15, 2009

Levi's Vintage Clothing - 1967 505

It's been a while since I posted, life has been busy. In the meantime, whilst working on the PBJ's (almost at 3 months), I decided to show some pics of another pair I used to work on. It's the 505 as it was released back in 1967. Made with denim from the Kaihara mills, constructed in the USA.

These have now seen 5 months of total wear. Unfortunately, they are on the big side (32W) so i decided to leave them in my closet, waiting for me to get fatter. Which might take a few more years.


  1. yugh!
    was die jeans eens!

  2. Hey there-

    Just got a pair of '67 505s, it seems the back of the jean is abnormally high compared to the front and makes an arc across the back that doesn't even let a belt go through naturally. They're new with tags and I haven't worn them at all yet. Is this the way they all are? I've got 4 pairs of '71 517s and they don't have this problem (if it is one) when new. Also curious, did you get in the tub with the jeans pictured above or wear them dry? I've done one tub sitting with all my 517s and might try the dry approach if I can stand the stiffness.


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